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The Importance Of All Terrain Cranes

Having the right crane type for your specific task is crucial to a successful job, and with so many to select from, there are plenty of reasons to be selective when it comes down to it. A construction task may require work on especially tricky or uneven terrain, and in this instance, an all terrain crane is likely the outstanding option. These adaptable crane options are especially built and maintained to effortlessly make their way around such uneven and rocky sites - therefore acquiring from Macsalvors can make an otherwise complex task a rather simple one.

All terrain crane

All Terrain Crane Hire Explained

Adapted to easily navigate tough surfaces, perhaps on an uneven work site or upon a rocky and irregular area, all terrain cranes are utilised for many different instances. These medium-sized cranes are designed specifically to manoeuvre over many different ground types, therefore they won’t jam or become stuck as a different crane may.


Built on a body with four large rubber tires, and therefore able to climb over uneven ground and keep traction on difficult terrain, all terrain cranes are immediately noticeable by this distinct feature. They are also often more compact than other types of off-road cranes - which means they can get into tighter spaces.

Versatile Machines

Generally speaking, the design and mobility of all terrain cranes allow them to handle all types of surface, including but not limited to sand, grass, gravel, dirt, and asphalt. This ability to traverse different areas means that versatile all terrain options are especially common on remote job sites - and those that may not necessarily have great road access.


The mobile undercarriage and hydraulic boom of a Macsalvors all-terrain crane are advantageous when navigating uneven structures and roads, making our hire equipment useful on a variety of different construction sites and remote site locations.

Site Appropriate

Rest assured that as well as being site appropriate, hireable as part of a fleet, and with flexible terms for all of those who require them, our all terrain cranes and rough terrain cranes offer a high-strength yet transportable solution.


With all the performance enhancing operations that you would expect for your project, our off-road lifting equipment ensures you and your team will be ready to tackle projects across a variety of landscapes and environments. Take a look through our gallery for a more comprehensive look at our machines, and how they operate on-site.


At Macsalvors, our goal is to make your project run as smoothly as possible, with an expert team readily available to advise on which crane hire solutions are right for you. Providing a range of machines for hire, applicable to a wide range of projects, simply contact us now for more information about our selection - or to ask for expert support.

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