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See below for answers to questions and advice on crane hire.

  • What can an all terrain mobile crane be used for?
    The clue is in the name! Our all terrain mobile cranes are ideal for projects across challenging landscapes and environments. Get in touch to discover all they can do.
  • What hiab truck hire options do you offer?
    We offer a range of options for Hiab truck hire, crane rental and lorry loader transportation solutions. Just get in touch with us to discuss your needs.
  • What are the benefits of hiab hire?
    Hiabs are incredibly capable truck-mounted lifting machines, ideal for project with varied loads and requirements. Hiab hire is a cost effective and flexible solution.
  • Where can I find spider crane rental?
    Right here! We’re pleased to supply clients across Cornwall and Devon with reliable spider crane rental. We also offer all terrain cranes and compact cranes.
  • When might I need a low loader lorry?
    Load loaders are a safe and effective means of transporting trucks, cranes and heavy plant machinery to and from a site. Get in touch with us to discover our solutions.
  • Why might I hire a mini spider crane?
    Spider cranes are an ideal solution for projects in tighter spaces and confined environments. What’s more, crane hire saves time and is cost effective.
  • Where can I find Plymouth crane hire?
    Right here! We’re proud to offer premium crane hire services to customers across Devon and Cornwall, including Plymouth, Truro and Bodmin.
  • Can I use Macsalvors for low loader rental?
    Of course! As well as our range of cranes and Hiab trucks, we offer a number of lorry loader and transport solutions.
  • Why should I hire a crane?
    saves time, improves efficiency and is a financially viable option.
  • What cranes can facilitate lorry loading?
    We’re proud to offer crane and transportation equipment to meet a range of needs and applications. Just take a look at our range of lorry loaders.
  • What can I use lorry loader crane transport for?
    Lorry loaders are a safe and efficient means of transporting cranes and plant machinery from A to B. Get in touch to discuss our transport solutions in more detail.
  • What are the benefits of crane hire services?
    Crane hire is accompanied by a range of benefits. Our services make clients’ lives simpler, saving time and money while providing access to the a wide selection of machinery.
  • What services can plant hire companies provide?
    A reliable plant hire company, such as ourselves, provides clients with access to a wide range of plant machinery and equipment. Whether you’re looking to hire a crane for an off-road site or searching for a lorry loader, we’ve got you covered.
  • Do you offer mini crane hire?
    Yep! Our selection of cranes include compact and spider cranes, perfect for projects within confined environments, slopes and passageways.
  • Where are your crane lifting hire services available?
    We’re pleased to offer our services to customers and projects across Cornwall and Devon. What’s more, we have headquarters in Truro, Bodmin and Plymouth.
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