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Crane Hire Considerations: Everything You Need To Know

Cranes come in a variety of sizes, weights and are designed for a range of different applications. Crane hire is a popular and great choice for a range of construction projects. But, finding the right crane for your site could take some careful consideration. There are a range of factors that will influence what kind of crane you need for your project.


Our blog dives into some of the key considerations you should make before choosing your crane. To find out more about why crane hire is so effective and how to choose the perfect machine for the job, keep on reading!

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Why Hire A Crane?

Cranes are huge industrial machines that are regularly used on construction sites. They’re great for transporting large and heavy loads from one area to another. It’s important to have the right crane for the job when it comes to construction projects, to avoid any accidents or mishaps on your site.


Crane hire is often a more popular choice for construction than purchasing a crane. You may be wondering, why should I hire a crane? And we’re here to explain why crane rental can be so beneficial to your construction site! Read below for more information on crane rentals.


When construction companies decide to rent their machinery, it allows them access to some of the latest and newest machines on the market. Buying these new machines outright can be extremely expensive and unsustainable, which is why many people choose to rent.


Not only is it more cost effective to rent the more expensive machines, newer models can operate better than older machines. This can be a great advantage for your construction project. Having the latest tech and machinery can help things get completed faster and to a great standard.


It’s no secret that, like most things, plant machinery will depreciate in value over time. When companies purchase machinery and decide to sell it on, they typically won’t break even because the value of the plant machinery has depreciated.


When construction companies decide to rent their machinery, they pay a fixed price to rent the item and hand it back to the provider at the end of the agreement. This means that the construction company doesn’t need to worry about selling the crane or getting their money back. As long as the machinery is kept in good condition, there’s nothing to worry about!

Cost Effective & Convenient

As we’ve lightly touched on, buying machinery, maintaining it and selling it on can be expensive. Many construction sites decide to hire their machinery because it is more cost effective, and there are a range of benefits that come with crane rental.


Not only is hiring machinery more cost effective, it’s also extremely convenient for construction projects too. Cranes can often be delivered to your site at short notice, making your life even easier at your construction site. This can help tasks get completed quicker, speeding up the whole project.


Similar to depreciation, maintenance of these machines is not your responsibility when renting them out. It goes without saying that the machinery should be used and looked after safely, but full maintenance checks are the responsibility of the lender.


Not having to worry about extensive maintenance can help to save time and money on your construction site. This can mean that the project gets completed faster.


Crane hire companies and other plant hire companies tend to be relatively flexible. If you need to extend your contract or rent out other items last minute, they can usually accommodate this. Some companies may allow you to swap out your machine, if it’s not doing the job properly.


When you purchase a crane or other construction machinery, it’s more of a commitment (and an expensive one). While you may be able to get a refund, it could be unlikely. If you purchase a crane outright and realise it isn’t the right machine for the job, you could be stuck in a sticky situation.

Key Considerations For Crane Hire

Now that we’ve discussed some of the great benefits of plant machinery hire, it’s time to dive into crane hire considerations! There are some important factors that you need to think about before choosing the crane for the job. Read below to find out more.

Crane Type

While there are a wide range of cranes out there, they can usually be broken down into two main categories.


●     Static Cranes - These are the typical cranes you might spot on construction sites, these are often large cranes which loom over construction sites.


●     Mobile Cranes - Mobile cranes are fitted onto the back of vehicles, but are also very capable of lifting large and heavy loads.


Considering the needs of your project will help you to determine what kind of crane type you need.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is a crucial factor in choosing the kind of crane that you need, and also contributes to the level of safety on your site. Overloading and underloading your crane can be a risk to your project and propeller working on site.


Cranes come in a range of load capacities. Some are designed for extremely heavy loads, while others are designed for smaller loads but more awkward spaces. If your project requires lots of heavy lifting or transporting, this will help you narrow down your search for the right crane. No matter the needs of your project, there will definitely be a crane out there to suit your needs!


Another important factor to think about before buying a crane is the terrain of your site. What kind of ground are you working with? Is it soft, muddy, dry, uneven or sloping? While these factors might not seem important, they can make a huge difference to the type of crane you end up choosing.


Mobile cranes with crawler treads are perfect for soft and muddy terrain, whereas firm and stable ground may require a truck mounted crane or a static crane If you’re still unsure about what kind of crane to choose, you can find ‘all terrain cranes’ which are perfectly suited to all conditions. To learn more about cranes and terrain, contact our staff members for any enquiries.

Height Clearance

You should also consider the height clearance of your site. If you have trees, power lines or other obstructions, this will impact your crane hire decision. If you’re going for a large static crane you must ensure that it doesn’t damage or obstruct trees or power lines as this can be extremely unsafe.


To avoid any accidents or unsafe practices, you should find the height limit for your site and then choose a mobile crane in accordance with these restrictions.

Training & Safety

Training and safety are a huge part of crane hire. For anyone who will be operating the crane, it’s absolutely essential that full training is provided to avoid any kind of accident. These machines can be extremely dangerous, especially when carrying large and heavy loads.


You should provide full and complete training to anyone who will be operating the crane. As well as doing routine checks before using your crane. It’s not worth taking the risk when it comes to these construction machines, as the injuries can be serious. Here at Macsalvors, our cranes are safety tested and regularly maintained to ensure absolute safety. 

Macsalvors Plant Hire: Cranes & More

Here at Macsalvors Plant Hire, we specialise in a range of plant hire machinery, including cranes and lorry loaders. We are committed to providing safe, quality machinery that gets the job done. Our range of cranes for hire are sure to offer you what you’re looking for!


If you’re unsure about what kind of crane you’re looking for, speak to the experts for more information. Our team of experienced professionals are ready to help you find the perfect machine for your project.


To find out more about our services or to speak to a team member today, feel free to get in touch with us.

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