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Your Brief Guide to the Design & Use of Low Loader Lorries

If you own heavy plant machinery that needs to be securely transported to a different location, then a low loader lorry is exactly what you need. These lorries have the capacity to transport large and weighty items such as cranes and other vehicles.

Read on below to learn about the design of a low loader lorry and how this differs from other lorry trailers, as well as how this makes it ideal for certain applications.

Low loader lorry

What is a Low Loader Lorry?

A low loader is a type of semi-trailer, meaning it attaches to the tractor of an articulated lorry and only has axles at its rear end. What sets it apart from other semi-trailers is that its deck height comprises two levels, dropping down close to the ground after the rear axles on the tractor - hence the name ‘low loader’.

This allows it to legally carry larger vehicles and pieces of machinery up to 12ft tall, which would otherwise exceed the legal limit if used on the back of a regular trailer. The design of low loaders also makes it easier for cargo to be loaded on, as well as making them ideal for holding extremely heavy loads without difficulty.

What are Low Loader Lorries Used For?

Low loader lorries are used across a variety of industries to safely transport heavy loads of cargo across long distances. Here are some of the most common items that low loaders are used for.

Plant Machinery

If there’s one thing you can guarantee to see being transported on a low loader lorry, it’s some type of plant machinery. Whether it be bulldozers, excavators or cranes, none of which are permitted or able to drive on public roads and motorways and can easily weigh upwards of 10 tonnes, low loaders make the ideal transport for these.

Such machinery is often hired for use on farmland or at building sites - the terrain of which may be wet and muddy or off-road and gravelly. Low loader lorries have the capability to support the sheer weight and size of these across the distance it takes to get them from the hire company to the onsite location, whilst comfortably navigating the potentially difficult terrain.

Commercial Vehicles

There are many vehicles that are used for different transportation purposes, such as buses, tractors and other, smaller lorries. Whilst these work excellently for their intended purpose, if they break down themselves then they will require their own form of transportation to be recovered and taken away for repair.

Being large themselves, such vehicles will need something even larger to support their size and weight that they can easily be loaded onto, which makes the low loader the ideal choice.

Construction Materials

When it comes to large-scale construction projects, such as the erection of bridges and industrial buildings, certain materials may be required in vast quantities and sizes. For example, the building of bridges often requires large concrete blocks and slabs, along with the supportive piers.

Rather than making multiple journeys or using more than one vehicle to transport these materials, a low loader lorry is able to transport the whole lot in one go, increasing the efficiency of the overall project whilst saving money by reducing the need to hire multiple vehicles.

Macsalvors Plant Hire Ltd

Do you require the use of a low loader lorry to transport your plant machinery to a different location? If so, then Macsalvors has you covered. We offer low loader hire along with other transportation solutions, such as Hiabs and articulated lorries, making us equipped to meet your transportation needs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information about our services.

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