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The Benefits Of Hiring A Spider Crane For Your Project

In today’s world of technological brilliance, even the most complex construction tasks have been simplified and streamlined. Heavy equipment such as cranes, tractors and trucks have made it easier to transport bulky materials and manage large building sites, all without the strain of manual labour.


The spider crane in particular is an innovative and specialised piece of equipment that is designed to make even the most difficult construction tasks simple to handle. A spider crane features several outriggers that resemble a spider’s legs, a design which gives the crane added stability on difficult terrain.


Read on to find out more about how you could benefit from using a spider crane on your construction project.

lorry loaded crane

Compact Size

Unlike full sized cranes, a spider crane is designed to be compact, with a smaller ground footprint than traditional models. This means that they are useful for projects that are dealing with tight spaces and narrow planes of manoeuvrability, such as on indoor construction jobs. Mini spider cranes can also be used for domestic renovation projects.


An additional benefit of the spider crane is that it is incredibly versatile as a piece of heavy machinery. The compact size and flexible design of the crane means that it can be useful for a range of applications and lifting projects. They can also be adapted with various winch and jib attachments, which means that the crane can come in handy for lots of different construction tasks.


One of the standout features of the spider crane is its outriggers, which provide a great deal of stability to the lifting mechanism. Its unique design means that the spider crane can be used on uneven and waterlogged ground, without fears of instability or sinking. This type of crane is also easy to manoeuvre, where its compact size means that it can be positioned precisely even when space is restricted.


The spider crane’s outriggers and crawler tracks are also designed to make this piece of equipment impressively lightweight. This means that, unlike with a larger crane, it will cause minimal damage to the ground it rests on. As a result, spider cranes can be used for indoor projects or on garden lawns.

Macsalvors: Crane Hire Solutions For Your Construction Project

At Macsalvors, we provide a comprehensive spider crane hire service to suit your project requirements, where our range includes mini and compact models. Our plant hire services also include all terrain cranes, lorry loaders and crane transportation vehicles - simply get in touch today to find out more about our services.



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