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Small But Mighty: Top Five Uses For A Compact Crane

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Cranes are an essential piece of equipment for the construction industry, where they can be used to lift, lower and relocate a range of goods across building sites. This means their applications are virtually limitless, facilitating a whole array of repairs, renovations and refits.

The usefulness of cranes for these kinds of projects is increased due to the variety of models available. One type of crane that can be particularly beneficial is the compact or mini crane, where these can be used to access tough spots that larger machinery wouldn’t be able to handle.

Read on to learn more about the top five ways compact cranes can be used in the construction world.

Crane down a narrow lane

Window Installations

Window installation is a delicate business that demands precision engineering and the careful handling of machinery. A compact crane can be a useful tool in this scenario, where it allows for a closer approach to the building and a more careful placement of glass window panes.

Tunnel Construction

Tunnels are a spectacular feat of construction that allow for vehicles and pedestrians to pass underneath the surface in order to properly connect a road network. These spaces are often too narrow for a full sized crane, where a compact version can help to lay paving and fit overhead structures.


Compact cranes can be used for a range of landscaping tasks, where the lightweight nature of this machinery means it can preserve the integrity of lawns and soil banks whilst still getting the construction job done. These smaller machines are also useful for navigating small gardens and domestic properties.

Indoor Manoeuvring

Cranes can also come in handy for the manoeuvring of goods beyond the construction process, where they can be used to lift and position items within a warehouse or domestic setting. Compact models allow this to be done amidst tight spaces and with precision execution.

Restoration Work

Compact crane machinery is also essential for the restoration of sensitive areas such as sites of historical and natural importance, where these could be damaged by larger machinery. Small cranes can access these spaces without repair work impacting the surrounding space. Heritage buildings in particular are likely to consist of narrow areas unaccustomed to modern machinery, where a smaller vehicle can carry out restoration work more efficiently and effectively.

Macsalvors Hydraulics: Compact & Spider Cranes To Suit Your Project

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