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Resourceful Hire Options To Consider In 2024

Hiring is a great option if you’re looking to complete a particular construction task without the expense of costly machinery, but this is just the very first of the many benefits. Especially desirable if you’re beginning a task on-site and don’t know how long it will take, or which machinery to acquire, flexible terms can make such instances a walk in the park. Let Macsalvors guide you through the benefits of hiring in 2024, with everything from large machinery, assorted tools and PPE selections to cast your eye over - ready-made for a construction project or building contract.

Hydraulic hoses

Why Hire?

As you probably already know, hiring your required materials, machinery and tools is a great alternative to outright purchasing items, with the potential for savings, not to mention a more streamlined and reliable process. From experience, we can tell you for sure, construction equipment that’s rented out is often newer and of better quality than what you would typically find when acquiring secondhand from a dealer.


Surprisingly, these options are often less defective too, due to the rigorous quality assurances they must pass. In the same vein, while you’re likely to encounter some wear and tear with your own equipment - there’s no risk to your assets when you hire construction equipment.

Assorted Cranes

Looking to source cranes for your project and don’t know who to trust with the selection? Take the stress out of crane hire with our dedicated, hands-on team. At Macsalvors we take pride in offering premium quality crane hiring services in Cornwall and Devon, able to be hired on specific and flexible terms.


Our mobile crane hire services are ideal for a range of functions and applications, including construction, rail, industrial, and bespoke projects, while all terrain cranes and lorry loaders are brilliant for more specific large-scale jobs.

Tools And Appliances

Tools and appliances are often hired in advance of a project, with this method favoured as it allows you to immediately take stock of what you need, and acquire the specific items and components before work commences. Just imagine the expense of outright paying for a large quantity of powerful drills or electrical appliances which will only be used once or twice.


Many dealerships can deliver to your site and cater to your specific project needs too, so shop around for your required items and don’t settle for less than you need - many firms may even offer discounts and offers if you’re buying in bulk.


Looking to temporarily hire a crane in 2023? We have a comprehensive range of options that are different to each other in terms of size, function, performance and capacity. Work with Macsalvors and let us determine the right crane that suits your needs - and match you to an appropriate option from our fleet. Contact today with any specific queries.

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