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Lorry Transport: How to Effectively Plan Lorry Loading

Moving heavy goods and machinery is a challenge, you need to plan accordingly and be prepared for all eventualities. With a direct impact on transportation efficiency and operational costs, managing lorry transport is a key component of logistics.

But how do you effectively plan the loading of lorries and vehicles? Here is our guide.

Choose the right trailer

When you begin planning vehicle transport, a key step is to choose the right trailer. This is because it will determine how much cargo can be carried at one time and how safely and efficiently it can be loaded. In some cases, it may turn out that fewer trailers are needed for a large order due to space optimisation, however, it is always better to have too many than to unsafely load fewer trailers.

Your local plant hire or lorry loading company will be able to inform you on the right trailer for your load.

Plan load distribution

Once you have chosen the right trailer, you need to plan load distribution. When dealing with multiple loads of varying sizes, you should plan how the cargo will be distributed inside the vehicle. You need to take into account the weight, shape and dimensions of the cargo. Heavy and regular loads need to be placed on the floor to ensure stability.

Transport safety

Goods need to be properly secured using straps, chains, pallets or nets to avoid shifting. You will not only need to protect the goods from damage but also ensure the safety of drivers and other road users. You must also take into account the permissible gross vehicle weight and axle loads as exceeding these can be costly and dangerous.

Plan the route

When planning lorry loading or vehicle transport, optimising the route can save time and fuel and help you avoid unexpected problems such as height or weight restrictions. It is imperative to organise a well-thought-out route when planning lorry transport. You will also need to consider the way cargo is organised based on the route. If you have several unloading points along the route, it’s important to think ahead when arranging cargo.

If you need support with lorry loading, vehicle loading or any other kind of heavy haulage, get in touch with the experts at Macsalvors Plant Hire Ltd today. We will happily offer advice and arrange your truck and lorry transport. 

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