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Key Safety Tips For Operating A Lorry Loader Crane

Cranes allow heavy goods and materials to be transported across large construction sites with ease, where this equipment comes in a variety of sizes and designs to facilitate a diverse range of project requirements.


One type of crane commonly used for building work is the lorry loader, where this piece of equipment features a medium sized crane that is mounted onto a truck chassis. These cranes are designed to load materials on and off the truck, where an articulated hydraulic arm provides a great deal of flexibility and lifting potential.


Lorry loader cranes should always be operated by a trained professional in accordance with strict safety guidance, where any mishandling of heavy machinery can be highly dangerous. Read on to learn more about how to prioritise safety when operating a lorry loader.

lorry loaded crane

Load Limits

All cranes have a safe loading limit specified by the manufacturer. This details how much weight the crane can lift without causing harm to the equipment or to workers in the area. Always consult your loading chart before proceeding with a job to check that you’re using your lorry loader correctly, as this can help prevent potentially serious incidents.

Ground Stability

When using a lorry loader, it is important to ensure that the truck itself is on stable ground. The ground should be reasonably level so that cargo can be loaded safely and without risk of heavy materials falling from the truck. Additional outriggers and stabilisers can be used to assist with this.

Team Communication

One of the best safety tips for a busy construction site is to ensure that everyone is communicating clearly. When using a lorry loader, there should be good communication between the operator and the personnel on the ground, where this can help to make sure that all materials are moved safely and steadily.

Secure Loading

Moving heavy goods and materials can be a dangerous process if the cargo isn’t properly secure. Loads should be tied down properly before they are lifted with slings and hooks, where the operator should be aware of the centre of gravity of the item to prevent slippage during the loading process.

Macsalvors Plant Hire: Lorry Loading & Crane Transportation For Your Project

At Macsalvors, we offer an extensive range of hire options for lifting equipment, where we can provide your project with a high quality lorry loader crane. We also provide crane transportation services to allow you to access the heavy machinery you need. Get in touch today to find out more about our plant hire services.

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