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Is Crane Hire Affordable?

Updated: May 1, 2023

Crane hire is commonplace in plenty of industries, with these sturdy structures of giant machinery useful for everything from lifting large structures and vehicles onto platforms, to moving containers of material from A to B. With plenty of different crane varieties to consider, there has never been a better time for you or your organisation to temporarily acquire such a utility. If you’ve been discouraged by the eye-watering prices to outright purchase a crane, then you may be in luck, with Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd offering this comprehensive guide to the crane hire process, with your questions answered.

Mobile crane for hire

Why Hire?

In the case of machinery acquisition, hiring is often the very best method in many instances. If the period of time during which you use such equipment is only expected to be brief, huge savings can be made. First and foremost, we determine the right crane for your needs, so have a look at our crane fleet for initial inspiration.

Take a project which requires an all terrain crane for example, a specialised type of crane which is designed for use on varied terrain. This vehicle may only be required for a matter of months or weeks, meaning that the cost of purchasing outright would likely not be recouped. Hire is also useful for trialling a piece of equipment before you decide to pay for it permanently, providing an insight into the quality and applicability of the selection.

Varied Uses

Our crane hiring solutions are ideal for a range of functions, including construction, rail, industrial and bespoke events. Whereas spider and compact cranes may be especially useful for tasks in confined or limited spaces, the lorry loader cranes we supply are a complete solution to filling the storage area of a lorry vehicle. Lifting even the toughest of loads without breakages or accidental damage, vehicle loading could hardly be easier.


Our approach to supplying you with a suitable crane for your scenario is about as far away from a one-size-fits-all solution as you can find. Able to quote you a figure based on the hire period, number of cranes and crane type you desire, we work hard to remain competitive when it comes to offering you a unique deal.

Just as caring when it comes to your working environment, we correspond with our clients to make sure their sites are free from hazards - setting up an emergency plan to prevent any unforeseen obstacles during your period of crane rental.

At Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd, we can assist with your industrial task no matter what type of crane is needed. We always look after individual project needs as a matter of urgency, and supply the correct machine that suits your project. Collaborating with stakeholders and developing ideal step by step plans, contact us today for further insight.

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