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How to Properly Inspect a Mobile Crane Before Use

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Mobile cranes are powerful machines that can be used for a variety of tasks, from lifting heavy objects to moving materials around a construction site. However, they can also be dangerous if they are not properly inspected before use. It’s important to properly inspect a mobile crane before you use it. If you are hiring an all-terrain crane or crawler crane, for example, it’s vital you make sure it is in good working order beforehand. If you use a reliable plant hire company, you won’t need to worry too much, but it’s always worthwhile giving a hired crane the once over.

Mobile crane

Conduct a visual inspection

Before you use the crane or take it away from the hire company, give it a visual inspection. While you may not know exactly what to look for, you can just keep your eye out for any loose or missing parts, cracks, and dents. This will give a good indication of its overall health and how well it will perform.

Inspect the hydraulic system

This is the most important part of a crane and should be given some attention. Inspect the hydraulic lines and hoses for signs of leakage, damage, or wear. You need to make sure all the connections are secure and there is no leaking fluid.

Check the crane’s controls

The control system will give you any clues about how well the crane is functioning. Test the switches, levers and pedals to confirm they are working correctly and smoothly. Check the safety locks and emergency stop functions as these are very important.

Inspect lifting mechanisms

Take a look at all of the wire ropes, sheaves, drums, blocks, and hooks and see if you notice any visible signs of wear and tear. There should be no twisting, kinking, or corrosion.

Check the tyres and brakes

Check the tyre pressure and any wear that looks concerning. You can check the brakes by slowly engaging and disengaging them, they should run smoothly and make no abnormal sounds. These are important for the safety of the crane.

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