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How to Choose the Right Crane for Your Project

When beginning a new project, you might be considering crane hire solutions to ensure ease and cost-efficiency. However, with such an extensive market of cranes available, it can be challenging to know which to choose. We’ve put together this guide to help you pick the right crane from Macsalvors Plant Hire Ltd.

Assess your project needs

The first thing you need to do is assess your project's needs. You must evaluate your specific project requirements. There are three main aspects to analyse to ensure you are better equipped to make an informed decision regarding the most suitable crane for your project:

  • Load capacity: What do you intend to lift with the cranes, what is the maximum weight of these materials? This will help you decide which cranes are suitable based on their maximum capacity.

  • Site accessibility: What kind of site will you be working on, what are the terrain, space constraints or any other site-specific factors that could impact how your crane functions? This could determine whether you need an all-terrain crane or a mobile crane.

  • Reach: You’ll need to consider the distance the crane must extend to complete the task so you can hire a crane that has the right reach.

Exploring crane types

There are a variety of different crane types to know about before you begin your project, including:

  • All-terrain cranes: This is a versatile type of crane able to move across rough terrain such as gravel, sand and paved roads at great speed. They have a strong lifting capacity, able to hold between 40-1,000 tonnes. This makes them ideal for all weather conditions. They are ideal for erecting wind turbines, heavy haulage applications and installing pipelines.

  • Rough terrain cranes: This crane is a type of mobile crane that is built on an undercarriage with four large wheels that allow it to navigate uneven terrain, with outriggers for extra stability. These cranes are good for installing agricultural equipment, installing pipelines and tilt-up construction.

  • Spider cranes: These are a type of compact crane that can be used to access difficult spaces with ease. They are perfect for indoor or rooftop projects and are lightweight making them easy to transport. They are ideal for building maintenance, steel erection and warehousing.

At Macsalvors Plant Hire Ltd, we have a great range of cranes, so we’re sure we can find you the perfect crane hire solutions for your project. Whether you need rough terrain cranes, all-terrain cranes or spider cranes, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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