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How Does A Lorry Loader Crane Function?

Lorry loader cranes are used within many industries, and serve a key purpose for those requiring a manoeuvrable solution to traditional static cranes. Versatile, assorted in type and perfect for a wide array of everyday and specialist tasks, the question remains: Just how do they function? Read on for the lowdown from Macsalvors Hydraulics, and let us guide you through everything from the situational use of lorry loader cranes, to the ease of operating vehicles, and potential savings you could be making by hiring utilities for your very next project. Affordability and convenience for your next lorry transport project are just a few clicks away.

Large crane

Ideal For Your Tasks

Ideal for tasks big and small, if you’re searching for a lorry loader crane to move heavy-duty cargo, we’re always happy to help with our comprehensive truck transport fleet. Lorry loader cranes are great for those looking for an all-in-one solution, acting as both a form of transport and effective mid-sized crane. Benefits include reducing workplace injury by introducing a more effective lifting option, as well as simplifying otherwise complex tasks and improving client satisfaction and the overall quality of the project. We’re your one-stop shop for all things transportation

Master Heavy Haulage

Master heavy haulage with our lorry loader crane options, which are the perfect addition to an existing fleet. Able to reach areas that another crane type perhaps would not, the extra manoeuvrable and adaptable truck/crane hybrid is a brilliant choice for those requiring a more versatile crane. Cranes can come in an array of sizes and types, but their ultimate purpose is to move and lift heavy objects and materials across or up a site, and modern vehicle loading cranes from Macsalvors Hydraulics can do so with flair.

Addressing Project Needs

With our impressive fleet of special Hiabs, low loaders and artics, your job can reach completion quickly and efficiently. Our team is on hand to assist you with all vehicle loading needs to make lorry and truck transport easier for you, increasing the safety of your project, and addressing a number of common gripes found when completing a project.

Not only perfect for the safe and efficient loading of goods, our hire cranes can ensure time sensitive projects are completed, while your need for quality will no-doubt be addressed by our assorted and thoroughly checked hire options. Considerate of land and terrain restrictions, as well as the adequate training and knowledge of your workers, explore our hire range today.

Wondering what type of vehicles our lorry transport solutions are suitable for? Need to double-check the weight restrictions of one of our lorry loader cranes? Or perhaps you have a query regarding hire terms and specific situational needs? Give Macsalvors Hydraulics a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss our adaptable crane/transportation fleet and its capabilities.

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