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Crane Safety Tips To Prevent Accident & Injury

Staying safe while working on any type of project is essential, and this can be hard to achieve when working with heavy pieces of machinery and equipment such as cranes. There is plenty that can go wrong and the consequences can be devastating, so it is important to remain as safe as possible.

Here are Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd’s crane safety tips to help prevent accidents and injury.

macsalvors crane on building site

Picking The Right Model

Safety starts with the equipment you use. Every crane has certain features that will be more suited for certain jobs, such as compact and spider cranes being best used in complicated and confined spaces. Making sure you have the right equipment for the job is vital for efficiency and preventing accidents.

Use Trained Staff

When using cranes, always ensure that the staff operating them are fully trained. This includes having all the certifications needed, as well as making sure they are familiar with the type of crane they are operating, such as reading the operator’s manual carefully before any work begins.

Stabilise Your Crane

Cranes should always be stabilised before use, as without doing this you could risk the crane tipping over during the task. Manufacturer's guidelines will normally tell you exactly how to stabilise the crane, often using outriggers at certain distances.

Rigging The Load

Plenty of accidents and injuries can occur when loads are not secured properly, leading to objects falling and potentially hitting people. Make sure weight is distributed equally around a load, and use slings that are properly rated not only for the weight but also the angle.

You must always pay attention to the limit of loads. Most modern cranes will have indicators and limitations as to what they will lift, so it is important to consult these to determine if it is safe to lift.

Worker Safety

Workers around a site should always be wearing PPE to ensure they are safe. Hard hats, fluorescent jackets and steel-toed boots are all common to prevent injury. Workers should also remain safe while cranes are operated by staying out of the way as much as possible, especially avoiding walking around under cranes when in use, just in case something does happen.

Crane Hire Solutions In Cornwall & Devon

The best way to remain safe while working with cranes is to work with a reliable crane operator who can offer plant hire solutions. Here at Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd we can offer first-class crane hire services, giving our customers the latest in crane technology which is the best way to guarantee safety.

We are able to offer our services in Plymouth, Bodmin, Truro and across Devon and Cornwall, so if you would like to find out more about how we can help, get in touch with us today.

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