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Everything You Need to Know About All Terrain Cranes

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

From bad weather conditions to rough terrain, there are many challenges associated with working in construction. An all terrain crane can help manage these problems and make life easier - read on to discover everything you need to know about all terrain cranes.

All terrain crane

What is an all terrain crane?

All terrain cranes are a type of machinery suitable for use across a wide range of terrain, including rugged and uneven ground. These impressive machines combine the strength of the traditional, trustworthy hydraulic truck crane with the superior mobility of the rough terrain crane, resulting in faster work. Powered using two engines and featuring between six to ten tyres which aid in their strength and manoeuvrability, these cranes are suitable for pretty much anything. These adaptable cranes are also substantially bigger than your standard rough terrain crane - their wide cabins provide plenty of space for their operators while the weight of their engines make performing a lift a lot more stable. An extra bonus is their ability to add attachments like luffer jibs and superlifts, heightening their lift even further.

What are the benefits of all terrain cranes?

A jack-of-all-trades, all terrain cranes offer many benefits:

● Versatility - the mobility of all terrain cranes makes them incredibly simple to manoeuvre, allowing them to handle all types of surfaces like sand, grass, gravel, dirt and asphalt. This allows for easy transportation around job sites. Additionally, these cranes are able to drive on public roads (reaching up to 55 miles per hour) to reach construction projects. Rough terrain cranes cannot do this, and require to be transported.

● Compact design - all terrain cranes are able to fit into tight spaces to complete lifting tasks that might otherwise be hard to reach with other types of cranes. With an all-wheel steering suspension system for better grip and handling and a mobile undercarriage that allows for better adjustability, the size of the all terrain crane does not detract from their nifty features.

● Ease of use - both the versatility and durability of all terrain cranes makes them easy to use in comparison to other types of cranes. Operators will be able to work more comfortably and conveniently, with reduced fatigue. These cranes also offer enhanced visibility, ensuring operators get a full view of the work area. This vastly improves workplace safety.

If you’re seeking all terrain crane hire, Macsalvors Plant Hire Ltd have got you covered. Our all terrain cranes offer a high-strength yet transportable solution with all the performance that you’d expect for your project. With our off-road lifting equipment, you’ll be ready to tackle projects across a variety of landscapes and environments. Please get in touch with us today to find out more about our services.

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