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Crane Hire: A Beginner’s Guide

Cranes are an absolute essential within many industries, helping out with a wide array of lifting, lowering and moving tasks. Most prominent within the construction sector, the expansive number of different crane types means that any task is catered for, be it the relocation of a heavy vessel, moving several smaller yet heavy objects, or accurately lowering a platform to ground-level.

Despite the universal appeal of these large machines, many outfits may be missing out by wrongly assuming the expense of acquiring a fleet. Read ahead and let Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd take you through the absolute basics of crane hire - there could be savings to be made.

Various mobile cranes

The Task At Hand

As alluded to, there are a particular group of tasks and applications that a crane is likely appropriate for, but the variance in hireable machines means that a large array of jobs can benefit from crane acquisition. For those smaller-scale tasks, a mobile crane will allow you to get much closer to objects than for example a large construction crane which will be set in place.

Other selections may include hydraulic cranes and those with set mechanisms, ideal for maritime operations, such as lowering and hoisting boats and structures within water. Searching for a crane which is suitable for terrains of all kinds? Macsalvors even supply all-terrain cranes, available on a low-cost temporary basis, and flexible to your requirements.

Why Hire?

Renting construction equipment is nothing new, allowing you to effectively dodge the costs of outright acquiring these notoriously expensive machines. Many organisations are turning to equipment hire as a cost-effective and all-round more beneficial alternative to permanent purchases, and there are plenty of positives besides the financial savings. When using our crane rental service, you won’t need to worry about repair work later down the line - because we will ensure our cranes are in a fantastic condition before supplying them to your site, servicing any unexpected issues on the job site so you can carry on the construction process without obstacles.

Still not convinced about hiring? We’re relied upon locally and nationally by plenty of recognisable firms, so you can relax in the knowledge that the assets you hire are properly maintained, tested and certified. We work to strict terms and conditions, providing peace of mind that our equipment is safe and properly approved. We ensure that it is safe to operate and is in proper functioning condition for your project. Regardless of the kind of crane, we carry out extensive inspection of the condition of our entire fleet ensuring tip top condition.

How To Hire

If this is your first time hiring a crane or any kind of construction machinery, you might not know what to expect. It should never be hard to find a quality company to meet your requirements. and armed with all the information you need, making an informed decision should be simple. Crane hire options can accommodate jobs of any size and scale, so the first step is making sure you know exactly what you need, and how long you require it for. Once this has been established, we’re happy to take over and make any arrangements, catering a quote to your demands.

You can always depend on the highest quality crane hire business in your area to support you in the selection process, and we cover areas as varied as Plymouth, Truro and Bodmin. Here at Macsalvors Plant Hire Ltd, we are experts and a trusted mobile crane hire company that is dedicated to providing safe and smooth crane hire solutions to all of our clients, so simply contact us at a convenient time, and we’ll handle the rest. When you hire a crane, it doesn’t need to be complex or long-winded, especially when you opt for us.

Types Of Crane

Whether you have a particular crane type in mind, or you require assistance when it comes to determining the machinery for your project, we’re able to offer a diverse selection of useful industrial machines. Below are just a few of the crane variants we can offer to stakeholders, be it an all terrain mobile crane or lorry loader crane you desire:

When looking for rough terrain cranes with increased mobility, all terrain cranes offer a high-strength transportable solution - with all the performance that you’d expect from a reliable machinery provider. With Macsalvors off-road lifting equipment, you’ll be ready to tackle projects across a variety of landscapes and environments, from uneven rock paths to firm land. Unlike rough terrain cranes, you won’t need a trailer to transport our all terrain options – one less task to tick off your list.

Available in a number of setting-appropriate varied sizes, a spider crane can work wonderfully well in those tricky-to-access confined spaces, such as slopes or passageways. Not only that, our spider crane options are easy to set up and equipped with streamlined lifting systems that save you energy and time. Certified and tested strenuously to ensure functionality, all of our cranes are professionally approved.

With the help of their long-reach capacity, Hiabs and other plants are highly efficient in performing in restricted areas. We’re proud to offer crane and transportation equipment to meet a range of needs and applications, so when it comes to meeting your lorry loading and transportation requirements, we have a fleet of special Hiabs, low loaders, and more which are ideal for such tasks.

Choosing Your Supplier

Safety, timeliness and punctuality are of course some of the integral attributes of a crane hire company, and considering the scale of your task, you’ll want to find yourself an organisation with a track record for customer satisfaction. Our previous projects can be viewed within the dedicated ‘Gallery’ page on our site, while a quick browse of the web will feature plenty of positive reviews and snippets of customer feedback. There’s a reason many of our clients return time and time again.

We collaborate with our clients, look into their site plans and ensure to develop a step by step plan for situation-specific material handling and processing. For crane hire, it's pivotal to have a backup emergency plan to cater for any unwanted circumstances, therefore we work with our clients to make sure that the working environment for the crane is free from hazards.

Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd: Hire A Crane Today!

Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd are an expert mobile crane company located in Newham, Truro. Specialising in meeting specific client requirements, and with a vast selection of all terrain cranes, low loaders, compact cranes, mini spider cranes, crawlers, and HIAB lorries, we’re adaptable to your situation. Our aim is to get involved at the earliest stage of your project, and help you to choose the correct kind of crane for your tasks. Once we understand the details of your project, we can advise you at every step, from the specifics of how much each of our cranes can lift, to discussing the hire process in more detail.

It is critical to choose the correct lifting equipment, to get maximum benefit and reduce costs across the board. With our crane hire service packages, you will receive a fully-fledged 24 hour service that is inclusive of emergency breakdown and recovery, so why not take the hassle out of renting crane lifting equipment with our range of plant hire options? If you’re ready to go ahead and hire a crane, or you’d like to get some clarification on our crane hire solutions, you’ll find what you’re looking for on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team - we would be delighted to help!

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