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Crane Care: How We Keep Our All Terrain Cranes Clean

Plant hire allows contractors and individuals to rent the construction machinery they need in order to complete their building projects. Cranes, tractors, trailers and trucks can all be hired on a short term basis, where this means that construction work can be carried out without expensive investments in equipment ownership.


When you hire a piece of lifting equipment, you will expect your rental company to have kept their machinery in good condition. This includes regular maintenance, servicing and cleaning, to ensure that all equipment is safe to operate.


Read on to find out more about how we keep our all terrain cranes clean, so that they’re always ready to hire.

macsalvors all terrain crane

Safety Precautions

Before we begin a deep clean of our all terrain cranes, we always ensure that the appropriate safety precautions have been taken to keep our team out of harm’s way. This includes turning off all engines and securing the crane using outriggers. Personal protective equipment will also be worn at all times during the cleaning process.

Debris Removal

A key part of the cleaning process involves the removal of any loose debris from the crane. These machines are often used across muddy and dusty areas, where this can cause a significant build up of dirt around the crane’s exterior. This can be swept away manually or cleared using a compressed air blower.

Pressure Washing

All terrain cranes will then undergo a more thorough clean with the use of a pressure washer or hose. Cleaning solutions can also be used to remove stubborn stains, where special attention should be paid to the crane’s wheels and undercarriage. These areas tend to accumulate particular quantities of stubborn dirt, where this should be cleared properly in order to keep the machinery in good working order.

Electrical Components

Cranes also feature a range of electrical components and attachments that should be cleaned carefully in order to prevent any damages. Our team will avoid spraying electricals with water or cleaning solutions. Instead these sensitive areas will be hand cleaned with a damp cloth or brush to remove any debris.

Macsalvors: All Terrain Crane Hire Services For Your Project

At Macsalvors, we can provide you with the perfect rough terrain mobile crane for your construction project, where our range includes both compact and heavy weight models. We always prioritise safety when it comes to plant hire, so you can rest assured that your all terrain crane will have been deep cleaned and serviced before it arrives on your site.


In addition to this, we also supply spider cranes and crane transportation equipment to construction jobs of all sizes - simply get in touch with us today to find out more.

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