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Construction Cranes of the Future: What We Can Expect to See

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Cranes play an important role in meeting the demands of urban and infrastructural development. As the construction industry continuously evolves, cranes and other types of machinery must adapt in order to tackle new challenges. From increased sustainability to improved user-friendliness, read on to discover what you can expect to see from construction cranes in the future.


High-capacity loaders

Crane manufacturers are increasingly constructing impressive products with higher-capacity loaders. This can range from 35-tonne models to heavy-duty cranes that bear loads of up to 1,200 tonnes. These high-speed, all-terrain mobile cranes are equipped with long booms and enormous load capacities, making them perfect for both public road and off-road projects, thanks to their all-terrain chassis. The application of these cranes will have a significant impact on how industrial operations are run, resulting in a faster and more streamlined approach.

Automation and advanced technology

Rapid development of technology will be mirrored in crane construction and operation, leading to new innovations. Examples of this include:

● Automated crane controls

● Advanced sensor technology

● Remote systems

● Control and documentation platforms

● Artificial intelligence

● Telematics

These technological changes will help save time and money, in addition to making construction operations much safer.


As the construction industry faces mounting pressure to implement sustainable practices, we are likely to see this reflected in the world of cranes. The production of a crane produces considerable CO2 emissions, not only from the production of steel and other components in the crane but also from required energy such as electricity, oil or natural gas. These emissions can actually be reduced and even prevented by refurbishing used cranes. Additionally, a new trend in crane manufacturing is the development of models with drive and control systems designed to reduce fuel consumption while maximising reliability and productivity. Making these changes will help minimise the carbon footprint of crane usage in construction.


When it comes to cranes of the future, there will be an increased push to develop cranes that are user-friendly, easy to assemble and maintainable. An example of this is the provision of removable outrigger boxes, boom removal kits, and boom float kits, which sometimes allow driving the boom over the rear on a dolly. These features allow users to easily disassemble certain parts of the crane, offering increased levels of flexibility and convenience not seen in previous models.

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