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Big, Medium and Small: Different Crane Hire Sizes Explained

Cranes may come in all shapes and sizes, but this shouldn’t discourage you from crane hire. Read on to learn about the different sizes and types of cranes, and how understanding their uses can benefit you.

crane on construction site

Why Crane Size Matters

While it may seem obvious, crane size greatly impacts its effectiveness for certain tasks. While one crane might be perfect for a certain job, it could be completely incorrect for the next. Often, a large project will require several cranes, so knowing which ones to source before the task begins can be incredibly beneficial.


Getting the wrong crane size can be inadvertently expensive too. If you hire the wrong size, you will likely still have to pay for the cost of renting. Following this, you will need to pay to rent another crane on top of the first charge. Combining these charges, the unexpected extra costs can take you out of budget and have a detrimental effect on the remainder of your project.

Lorry Loader Crane

When it comes to loading lorries, the lorry loader crane is purposefully designed for the job. These machines can lift the heaviest of loads, placing them accurately onto lorries and truck beds. Alternatively, these cranes can be used to lift the cargo from a lorry once the goods have arrived at your worksite.


With a lorry loader crane, heavy haulage doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With the right crane hire company, you should be able to rent out the perfect size lorry loader crane for your individual heavy goods needs.

All-Terrain Crane

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, all-terrain cranes are great for a variety of surfaces and projects. Rough surfaces require cranes that are reliable and robust, and able to put up with the most uneven surroundings. Luckily, these cranes also come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to pick the right one for the job.


Another benefit of these cranes is that they don’t require extra transport solutions. These machines have large wheels, allowing for self-transportation, which can save money in the long term for your project.

Mini Spider Crane

With a unique appearance, mini spider cranes are small and compact ways to lift items on a worksite. Due to their small size and legs, they are easily manoeuvred into small spaces, making them great for indoor use. They are deceptively strong too, and great for lifting delicate materials with care.


Beyond construction sites, often mini spider cranes are sometimes used for landscaping purposes. Their compact size makes them great for traversing landscape features without damaging them while bringing the capability to pull out large items from the ground. They’re fantastic in particular where large equipment would be inappropriate and impractical, used to pull out large rocks and trees with ease.

What We Do

Our team at Macsalvors Plant Hire takes great pride in supplying reliable and durable machinery to our customers. We offer each of the products above and will support you along with your crane hire. You can view our online gallery to see examples of our cranes. Try reading our hiring process guide, full of tips and tricks.


Visit our website to learn more about our services, or get in touch today.

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