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All Terrain Cranes: When and Why to Use Them

Updated: Apr 19

Cranes are an essential piece of machinery in many construction projects, used for the lifting, transportation and placement of many heavy objects. Whilst most cranes range in speciality, the all terrain crane places itself in the centre of the spectrum of what cranes can do, making it the best choice for versatility and convenience.

From their independent transportability to their impressive strength, here is our short guide on all terrain cranes.

All terrain crane

What is an All Terrain Crane?

As the name suggests, all terrain cranes are cranes that are built to be used across varying terrains with ease, combining mobility with strength to be the versatile choice of crane that can work efficiently in all kinds of conditions.

Most all terrain cranes are powered using two engines and tend to feature between six to ten tyres, which, together, aid in their strength and manoeuvrability.

Why and When All Terrain Cranes Should be Used

Advantages of All Terrain Cranes

Due to their intended design to be flexible, all terrain cranes have a number of advantages that make them the go to choice over other types of cranes - namely mobile truck cranes and rough terrain cranes.

Here are the key advantages of all terrain cranes:

● All wheel steering suspension system - allows for better grip and handling.

● Can easily travel across sand and gravel, as well as across tarmac - this means they can drive on public roads (reaching up to 55 miles per hour) in order to get to construction sites, unlike rough terrain cranes, which need to be transported.

● Strong lifting capacity - reaching heights up to 500 feet and lifting weights from 40 tonnes up to 1,000 tonnes (depending on the crane).

When are They Used?

Since they are highly adaptable, all terrain cranes are ideal for all sorts of construction work, being capable for use at both urban construction sites and sites with no road access.

Since they can adapt to work in any environment, thanks to their efficient mobility and strong lifting capabilities, they are typically used for a lot of large scale jobs. Some common examples of these applications include:

● Erecting wind turbines

● Heavy haulage applications

● Installing pipelines

● Building tower/crawler cranes

● HVAC work

Crane Hire Services

If you are in need of a crane for your construction work, Macsalvors’ crane hire services are ideal for you. Our all terrain cranes never fail to impress, being professionally maintained to ensure you get the best performance they have to offer.

For more information about our crane hire services, get in touch with us today. We are dedicated to creating smooth solutions for all our clients.

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