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5 Surprising Uses For Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are practical in exactly the way that their name would suggest - they can be easily moved. Able to navigate from location to location with ease, these cranes on wheels are ideal for completing tasks at height, without the restrictiveness of a traditional static crane. Not only are these excellent machines perfect for an array of applications, but they can even be acquired temporarily from Macsalvors at a reduced cost - so continue reading and discover 5 unique uses for conventional mobile cranes.

Lifting a yacht by a quayside

The Rail Industry

The rail industry relies on navigable mobile cranes and low loaders for transportation of parts and recovery of components. Whether hoisting carriages onto a vehicle or being used to move heavy parts for repair, in the event of derailments, mobile cranes are even called in to lift a unit back onto the rails. Few utilities harness the lifting ability of a large crane.

Dockyard Lifting

Within a busy dockyard, cargo is constantly being moved from place to place, be it from a ship onto a transport truck, from boat to boat or simply onto a raised platform. With a large fleet of crane solutions capable of lifting extreme amounts of weight, the size and shape of cargo doesn’t matter when you opt for crane hire from Macsalvors.

Rough Terrain Work Sites

All terrain cranes are capable of moving across even the trickiest surfaces, from uneven dirt roads and unconventional trails to roads and tracks. Rough terrain work sites such as quarries or industrial settings for digging will require a different form of transport, with mobile cranes well-adjusted for this purpose if fitted with the correct tracks.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is set to grow even more in 2023, with individuals and companies turning towards this source of green energy to produce power. Mobile cranes are integral to this field, with engineers working at height on projects related to wind turbines, solar panels and more. Able to work in the most awkward of areas, cranes from Macsalvors are adaptable for your intended use.

Transport Between Sites

Transport between sites can be tricky, and often requires multiple forms of transport, which can soon mount up in cost. A hired multifunctional crane on wheels will perform a number of tasks all within one affordable package, easing the burden of acquiring more than one form of vehicle or machinery.

Trust Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd for a fantastic selection of crane hire machinery options. We are located in Newham, Truro, but reliably serve the entire local area. Specialising in meeting client requirements regarding vehicle loading and tasks on all terrain, select from traditional cranes, low loaders, compact cranes, spider cranes, mini crawlers, and HIAB lorries. Simply contact us today.

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