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3 Surprising Projects Where Cranes are Used

It’s safe to say that we all associate cranes with construction sites and industrial work, that is, after all, where they are most commonly found. There are, however, a number of applications for cranes that may surprise you.

We’ve listed below 3 different projects where a crane may be used - some of them may surprise you!

3 x types of cranes

Bungee Jumping

Considered the ultimate adrenaline rushing activity, bungee jumping has surged in popularity since the first bungee jump in 1979. It’s come so far that some mobile crane services now offer themselves to bungee jumpers.

Across many countries in the world, cranes are now used to provide bungee jumping experiences, whereby the crane lifts a cage that you stand in, then you are attached to the bungee rope and given the go ahead to jump. These have been known to take place over the sea, dams and even active volcanoes!

Thanks to their lifting capabilities and being mobile, cranes are increasingly popular bungee jumping structures, since they can be set up practically anywhere (assuming the right permissions are in place) and provide a stable structure to jump from.

It is also convenient that participants are able to get into the cage at ground level, and can be easily lowered if they decide they don’t wish to jump after all.


You may have seen cranes in films before, but did you know that they are also used behind the scenes? Not only are they used in the production of sets, but cranes can also be used to assist in filming.

Rather than having to set up scaffolding to hold lighting for only a few scenes then having to deconstruct it ready to move to the next filming location, lights can be attached to mobile cranes using telehandler attachments, creating a much easier solution to an otherwise laborious process.

Cameras can also be mounted on cranes to get what is known as a crane shot. This allows for perspective from a bird’s eye view during filming.

Animal Rescue

Perhaps the last thing you were expecting to see on this list, but it’s true - cranes are used for animal rescue. It happens more often than you may think, but animals sometimes find themselves stuck in inescapable places, such as ditches, or are involved in traffic accidents that require them to be lifted.

Cranes are great for animal rescue, since they can hold heavy weights (i.e. enough to hold a horse or cow) and can be set up quickly in even the most difficult areas and uneven terrains. HIAB cranes are often used by firefighters in various animal rescue missions.

A particularly impressive example of when a crane has been used in animal rescue is in Africa, when a herd of elephants were tranquilised and carefully lifted and placed onto a transportation truck in order to move them back into the nature reserve where they had come from, in order to keep them protected from poachers.

Mobile Crane Hire

If you’re looking to hire a crane, for whatever purpose, Macsalvors Plant Machinery Ltd. is dedicated to providing safe and smooth crane hire solutions.

We offer premium quality crane hiring services in Cornwall and Devon, with a fleet of different cranes in order to provide you with whichever best suits your diversified needs.

Contact us today to discuss your lifting requirements.

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