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Does My Project Require Lifting Equipment?

Varied projects require varied measures, and depending on the objectives you or management have set out for the job, acquiring the correct machinery in advance is a safe bet. Often hired to save money, and decided upon beforehand, assorted equipment can be sourced from the same providers for further savings - and this is where Macsalvors come in. Providing the most complete collection of cranes, lifting aids and necessary modern utilities, join us as we guide you through the project types which could benefit greatly from top-notch branded lifting equipment in 2024 and beyond.

Hiab crane

Your Situation

Whatever your situation, and whether you’re at the very beginning of the construction process, or have just realised some way through that lifting equipment is necessary, hiring from a reputable provider is often a wise move. It is critical to choose the correct lifting equipment to get maximum benefits - and also keep the costs at the lower end of the scale, otherwise expenses will continue to stack up. At Macsalvors, our aim is to get involved at the earliest stage of your project and help you to choose the correct kind of crane for your tasks, so if you’ve found yourself needing to replace a defective crane, we’re a phone call away.

Varied Contexts

Context matters, and in some instances, lifting equipment won’t be necessary. The fact remains though, that lifting assistance is a must when discussing most construction projects, and proceeding ahead without cranes or hoists can be unsafe and unwise. From routine repairs outside of a high rise building, to the construction of a home which spans several floors, in many cases, tis would be almost impossible without appropriate equipment, Even a project close to ground level spanning a large site could be in need of a crane - as transporting materials or debris across the ground may be less than ideal.

Assorted Equipment

Ticked off whether your particular context and construction job could benefit from a hired crane or for =m of lifting equipment? Once we understand the details of your project, we can advise you at every step, be it letting you know how much each of our cranes can lift, or discussing our pricing in more detail. Keep in mind that other equipment could be just as important, including but not limited to:

● Hoists

● Forklifts

● Lifting Tables and Platforms

● Hydraulic Elevators

● Scissor Lifts

● Boom Lifts

● Cherry Pickers

● Telehandlers

● Strand Jacks

● Stackers

Reason To Hire

More affordable when looking at the eye-watering cost of outright acquiring a crane system, our cranes come fully checked and approved, minimising the chance of any repair needs. Branded, high-quality appliances are also assured, and guidance is available from our team on how they function. Our mobile crane hire services are ideal for a range of functions and applications, including construction, rail, industrial, and bespoke projects - so take your time to do some calculations, and consult our specialists.

Whether you’re looking to hire a crane for an off-road site, or you’re searching for a lorry loader, Macsalvors Plant Hire Ltd offers a wide range of crane hire services to meet your various requirements. From adaptable vehicle loading cranes, to large heavy-duty cranes better-suited to construction tasks, we can offer hire terms specific to your needs. Contact us today for an informal discussion or to obtain a quote.

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